Scarlet Telecom, a dynamic European communications service provider offering bundled fixed line, mobile and Internet services in the Netherlands, has added another MaxBill service module to its billing system. MaxBill implemented the MaxCatalog module as part of a full upgrade of Scarlet Telecom’s billing system.

MaxCatalog provides Scarlet Telecom with a centralized product catalog for defining and managing the parameters and deployment of its broad portfolio of multiple play products and service packages. MaxCatalog uniquely allows multiple departments across the Scarlet Telecom organization to control various aspects of product and service package offerings, including provisioning, pricing and discounting information. MaxCatalog improves the operational efficiency and product management processes of Scarlet Telecom by eliminating the need to maintain multiple instances of product information in separate departments and systems.

“We are committed to offering our customers affordable value, especially in the current economic climate. MaxCatalog contributes to fulfilling our customers’ expectations by enabling us to efficiently bring to market competitively priced and packaged communications services. Our customer service agents now have efficient access to improved knowledge of product information and can effectively communicate the details of our bundled offerings to our growing customer base.”

Matthijs Kamp, Managing Director of Scarlet Telecom

Scarlet Telecom is a provider of bundled fixed line, mobile and Internet services to business and residential customers in the Netherlands and was recently acquired by Belgacom. Scarlet Telecom has been using the MaxBill CC&B solution since 2000. The solution, implemented at Scarlet Telecom, has been recently upgraded, which in addition to the MaxCatalog module, included higher performance rating and billing engines, a unified interface for centrally managing backend workflows and embedded customer care support for multiple play services.

“We are happy to be strengthening our ongoing relationship with Scarlet. At the same time, we are pleased that our unique ability to enable service providers to quickly offer and bill for new services is driving global demand for our CC&B solutions.”

Kirill Rechter, CEO of MaxBill