MaxBill strengthens its positions in Scandinavia: Netplaza, a Finnish Internet Service Provider, has become a user of the MaxBill billing solution.

In the first phase of the project, Netplaza recently rolled out the MaxBill solution and is currently migrating its regional network operator customers to the system. As part of this initial rollout, Netplaza is hosting MaxBill and using the system to serve as a platform to provide provisioning and billing services to its regional network operator customers. These regional network operator customers are relying on these services to support the white label broadband services that they are reselling from Netplaza to their own customers, who are mostly residential customers and small and medium-sized business customers on their networks throughout Finland.

Netplaza decided to deploy MaxBill after conducting a comprehensive market review. Netplaza reports that the company selected MaxBill for its advanced functionality and multitenant architecture that allows the complex B2B business relationships it maintains with its network operator customers to be easily managed.

“The services that we provide to our regional network operator customers are filling a gap in the market that has been overlooked by many of the large operators here in Finland and is the fastest-growing segment of our business. MaxBill and its inherent support for our B2B2C business models is allowing us to pursue this niche market opportunity and is positioning us to reach our goal of establishing business relationships with over 100 regional network operators in the coming years.”

Tommi Linna, CEO at Netplaza

For the next phase of the project, Netplaza is considering extending the MaxBill system to support its business units providing managed connectivity services to its enterprise and municipal customers.

“We are excited to add Netplaza to our growing list of advanced network operators using our MaxBill solution. We have developed a strong relationship with the Netplaza team and were able to install, integrate and put into production the entire solution within only three months.”

Kirill Rechter, CEO at MaxBill