As Internet service providers work with products that are digital by nature, many think that digital transformation is what happens to these companies on a regular basis. It is a partially true statement, but it doesn’t mean there is a challenge behind every single one of these cases. Jukka-Pekka Laulajainen, the VP of R&D at Netplaza, a prominent ISP for enterprise customers in Finland, sat down with The Digital Enterprise, share his vision on the importance of digitalization in the modern content delivery network, and talked about the problems the company was set to solve.

Corporations such as Netplaza are mainly focused on delivering fast and secure transit connections and improving overall national networks state in the Finland region and beyond. And as the company experienced significant growth in the role of the fiber network providers, the digitalization of processes became a more and more increased need.

The main challenge they were eager to solve is to find the perfect balance between the fair amount of manual work while implementing tooling and automation as sales volumes increase. Our all-in-one solution turned out to be the perfect fit for Netplaza’s needs that allowed optimizing provisioning and billing processes for live fiber networks. Thanks to our flexible and easily-deployable platform the company could take advantage of modern tech and support their state-of-an-art customer service while diminishing the challenges behind scaling the operations when the business grows.

This approach paid off big time for our client and helped them strengthen their market leadership and stand out from other competitors. For more on how the MaxBill solution was used by Netplaza, read the full interview on The Digital Enterprise.