MaxBill accelerates market penetration for newly launched satellite TV service implementing its MaxBill product suite for MYtv in Ukraine.

MYtv recently launched a new digital satellite television service in Ukraine. MYtv offers dozens of general entertainment and thematic channels and provides state-of-the-art features, such as interactive television (ITV), push video on demand (PVOD), pay per view (PPV) and integrated personal video recorders (PVR).

“We are offering new content and features that are unique to our market. MaxBill enhances our high-quality content and features by providing superior capabilities for delivering outstanding customer service and offering customized service packages that will help us maximize our market penetration and position MYtv as the leading provider of pay television services in Ukraine and across Eastern Europe.”

Albert Feldman, General Director at MYtv

The MaxBill product suite deployed for MYtv covers all customer management and billing activities, including customer care, order management, trouble ticketing, product management, billing, invoicing and collection. As an integrated part of the deployment, MaxBill implemented its MaxCatalog module. MaxCatalog provides MYtv with a centralized product catalog for dynamically managing the parameters of its tiered channel packages and content for video on demand and pay per view services. MaxCatalog enables MYtv to quickly adapt to changing market conditions and increase competitiveness.

“We are excited to be strengthening our overall market traction. “MYtv represents our first satellite television project and demonstrates the unique capability of our underlying technology to successfully serve a variety of single and multiple play service operations each with varied business concepts and operational processes.”

Kirill Rechter, CEO of MaxBill