After thorough development and testing, MaxBill has finally released a new version of the solution. Version 5 new capabilities and features can help service providers achieve their strategic objectives of improving customer engagement with measurable KPIs while allowing them to continually improve their service offerings.

MaxBill 5 includes a fully integrated mobile self-care app that enables service providers to directly interact with their customers through mobile devices. This mobile self-care app gives customers a possibility to browse services, compare rate plans, register for and activate services, and update payment and personal details from their mobile devices. Service providers can also send push notifications regarding new sales promotions or marketing campaigns directly to customers’ mobile devices.

MaxBill 5 also includes a new set of analytics tools incorporated in the solution’s product catalogue. These analytics tools provide a guided process for analyzing the parameters of any existing or planned service or package. Based on an analysis of past customer behaviours and responses, these tools provide a range of predictions on how changes to services or packages will be received by customers. For example, if a loyalty package targeted at a specific customer segment is about to end, marketing managers can analyze how adjustments to the package, such the time commitment, pricing and included services, will impact the renewal rates of existing customers and the likelihood of new customers registering for the package.

In this new version, MaxBill has also expanded the available library of preconfigured best practices to include new business process templates for order management, tenancy changes, trouble ticketing, accounts receivable, debt collection, meter replacement, revenue forecasting and partner management.

“We have been continually improving and expanding MaxBill since it was initially developed twenty years ago and today it is a full-featured, mature solution used by innovative service providers in many vertical markets. We are proud that MaxBill adds an important dimension to our customers’ businesses and is empowering them to achieve their business strategies.”

Kirill Rechter, CEO of MaxBill

Our team will be presenting MaxBill 5 next week at the European Utility Week event in Vienna, Austria. Come and see how great MaxBill has become!