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DELTA Fiber Netherlands, one of the key players in the European telecommunications and connectivity industry, had completed yet another step in its ongoing journey towards dominating the market with a customer base of 1M users by 2023.

The unification of the multitude of sub-brands — DELTA, DELTA Coax, DELTA Large Enterprise and Caiway — signifies a major achievement, necessary for future development. New service offerings can be added effortlessly, and the customer base can expand fast allowing virtually limitless growth. The entire customer journey for all of the company services can now be accessed, configured and controlled under one solution, which ensures the high scalability and future-proofing of DELTA Fiber Netherlands’ business.

MaxBill is proud to support this essential digital transformation with the latest 5th generation of the billing and customer management solution. The full migration of all brands’ data and processes into a single centralized system was completed in May 2021, successfully concluding the major operation. It was a strategic decision to follow a phased approach, therefore dividing the process of implementation and transformation into multiple smaller milestones instead of dragging out a lengthy procedure with no defined schedule.

The project piloted with Caiway moving its 145 thousand contracts to the 4th generation of the MaxBill solution in 2011. During seven years of our cooperation, the company grew almost twice the size without losing in service quality, proving its readiness for even further expansion. 

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It was time to upgrade the solution and move to the next phase of the merger, as DELTA Fiber Netherlands was created. It opened the possibility to the company’s customers to switch from the coax connection to fiber optics, and for thousands of users in rural areas to get a fast internet connection. With the creation of DELTA Fiber Netherlands, the company moved into a new market niche, backed by the MaxBill 5 suite.

In parallel with the new brand and services rollout, the MaxBill team supported IT synergy for DELTA, DELTA Fiber and Caiway. All of them had different commercial rules when it came to the contracts and billing cycles, but could be managed under one roof for better transparency and convenience. Users could switch from Caiway to DELTA service packages and back without friction. Another phase was completed a year later when MaxBill had seamlessly transferred all DELTA Coax data and processes to its upgraded suite as well.

In May of 2021, the final stage of this ambitious project was finalized with the entire company now running on the 5th generation of the MaxBill solution.

Our innovative billing and CRM solution allows the seamless flow of processes and data among major sub-brands: DELTA Large Enterprise, DELTA Fiber Netherlands and Caiway. It simplifies the management of more than 500,000 contracts: from the creation of the new entity to its activation, including the hardware setup and provisioning to billing, taxation and debt collection. End -users have the option to choose coax, FTTH, or private network.

We also made sure that integrations with third-party vendors that are vital for the company were quickly and easily established. MuleSoft, ING bank, PostNL, AddCom, NetAdmin and the hardware refurbishment provider are among the many of the third parties that DELTA partners with to provide its customers with superior service quality.

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Thanks to the successful completion of the project, multiple DELTA and Caiway brands disrupted the market by providing fast internet, TV and telephony services backed by the MaxBill solution. Hundreds of thousands of users receive a connection faster and more secure than ever before. With Nokia recently joining the collaboration, DELTA Fiber Netherlands is just a step away from reaching 1M active users by the end of this year and rolling out a 10 Gb/s broadband offer on the market. We are excited to be a trusted partner and supporter for the company driving digital transformation in the Dutch market. We expect DELTA Fiber Netherlands and its joined brands to achieve amazing business results. With MaxBill ensuring the future-readiness and scalability of the company, and with many more innovative projects on the way, our teams are confident that the next years of our collaborations will bear even more fruits.