MaxBill is proud to announce that the company has successfully unified the billing infrastructure and operations for the merger of Caiway and DELTA, two prominent Internet service providers whose brands are part of the Dutch telecom company, DELTA Fiber Netherlands.

Since 2009, Caiway has been using the MaxBill solution to support the expansion of the company’s multiple play service offerings and customer base with an efficient billing operation. Our fruitful cooperation with Caiway is to continue after its merge with DELTA. 

Both the Caiway and DELTA brands are part of DELTA Fiber Netherlands, a telecommunications company that was founded in mid-2018 by the Swedish investment company EQT. Based on a strong recommendation by Caiway’s management team in favour of continuing working with MaxBill as a trusted partner, DELTA decided to continue using MaxBill for the merged operations of Caiway and DELTA.

“Our decision to continue to work with the MaxBill solution was not based one particular feature or another, but rather for the fact that MaxBill is our trusted partner for anything and everything related our billing operation. We have been working closely with the MaxBill team for almost ten years now and its solution for modern billing will continue to be our strategic tool for our business growth and strategic initiatives.”

John Wittekamp, Group CTO at DELTA Fiber Netherlands

After an extensive migration process, the MaxBill system now provides the unified billing infrastructure for both the Caiway and DELTA brands. MaxBill allows each brand to independently manage its operations efficiently using unified ICT and network infrastructures. Both brands have strategic growth plans that rely on MaxBill to support adding new services and expanding their FTTH network into new geographic markets across rural areas in the Netherlands with improved competitiveness.

“We certainly enjoy the challenge of designing and implementing complex billing projects, although the key to the success of any customer engagement is developing trusted relationships over time while delivering strategic value at every stage of the project. We are proud of our long term relationship with Caiway and have strong expectations for the continued successes for both Caiway and DELTA.”

Kirill Rechter, CEO at MaxBill