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The MaxBill team is very proud to support the success of RoutIT for almost a decade. Our teams had gone through many transformations together, we watched our partners grow and eventually join the KPN partner network – one of the largest groups in the Netherlands.

When the latter happened MaxBill was excited to meet new challenges and continue enhancing our partner’s business. We wanted to make sure that our latest generation of the solution is ready for the increased data traffic that RoutIT/KPN is going to face soon. That’s why the MaxBill and RoutIT/KPN teams conducted a benchmark to evaluate the ability to handle 1 billion Call Detail Records (CDRs) in monthly traffic with the MaxBill solution, including RoutIT custom interfaces on the new hardware and virtualization platform. The benchmark was successfully performed on simulated data based on the average customer portfolio.

Discover more about the details of the evalution by reading our benchmark report.

Therefore, on July 14th the final integrations of the newest advantages developed for KPN/RoutIT were implemented. We are excited to see our MaxBill solution further empower our partners, and definitely not going to stop here. Stay tuned for more creative goals achieved and projects accomplished.