Derech Eretz from now on uses an online self-care solution from MaxBill to improve customer satisfaction and reduce operational expenses, which makes us proud of being chosen.

Derech Eretz recently launched online customer self-care capabilities based on the MaxBill Account Manager Suite (AMS). The AMS solution enables Derech Eretz customers to independently and securely manage and analyze account information online, including registering for subscription services, viewing usage (travel) details and paying for invoices. By enabling Derech Eretz to provide online customer self-care capabilities, MaxBill saves Derech Eretz significant operational expenses associated with printing and mailing invoices and maintaining call center staff to handle routine customer care tasks, while creating another important payment option.

“Our new self-care service is designed to benefit all our customers, including both ongoing subscribers and occasional travelers. This self-care portal saves our customers time and keeps them updated on their travel history. The portal also has the added environmental value of significantly reducing the amount of paper we consume during the course of our operations.”

Yehuda Vilk, CEO of Derech Eretz

Derech Eretz currently offers a branded self-care portal based on the MaxBill AMS solution that is directly integrated into the web site of its Road 6 (Kvish 6) toll road operation and is planning to provide similar online self-care capabilities for customers of its soon-to-be-opened CarmelTun toll road operation.