Today, our product team releases a detailed exploration of the B2B2X sector and reveals the ways how the company’s modern partner management solution helps companies there to future-proof.

Three case studies, that reveal the experiences of leading market players in two distinct verticals, 888, NetEnt and Integrio, showcase the value of the MaxBill solution for businesses with sophisticated reconciliation structures and unique revenue-sharing models.

Read how to improve your partner relationships and future-proof your business in our Partner Management Whitepaper

The whitepaper discusses the specifics of the business growth cycle, its particular steps and challenges that iGaming, telecommunications and other B2B2X companies face during each one. It explains exactly how the system allows service providers to achieve better scalability and elevate their performance. MaxBill acquires deep industry knowledge from multiple partners’ feedback and applies it to overcome any market demands that businesses with innovative models face:

  • Fast and accurate partner billing for any number of multi-layered contracts;
  • Flexibility to configure and support any kind and number of relations;
  • Forecasting and analytics for better business planning;
  • Detection of anomalies and inconsistencies in the transactions;
  • Management of any number of contracts with  varied difficulty under one system.

Additionally, the document outlines the company’s vision for the future of the business landscape in the post-COVID world. MaxBill’s mission is to drive the much-required digitalization of the industry forward. Our cloud-based PRM solution creates a solid back-end to open up possibilities of growth and expansion for businesses with modular partnership structures and positively influences everyone involved.

We believe in creating and promoting a stable and transparent ecosystem of business partners. It is moving past being a vendor to providing a platform to tie the community together, open new opportunities for offer extension, and enhance customer experience for a wide audience.

To become a part of the digital revolution and get an in-depth insight into how any service provider can achieve better scalability of its business, improve transparency in partner relations and get ahead of the competition, download the full whitepaper in our resource section