The first half of 2020 was quite an intense time for all of us. However, the MaxBill team did not slow down in the face of the challenge. On the contrary, for the R&D department, recent months were very fruitful. We’re proud to showcase our achievements in the technical report that you can download on our Resources page. The said report covers three main directions MaxBill is taking in its investment and development.

The first section describes the details of MaxBill BPM workflow, which has already been extensively tested in production on large processing volumes, and paint the further steps the company is planning to take with it. 

The second one is dedicated to the modernization of the UI/UX and the new route that MaxBill is taking with it. We reveal the UX development process that was used for the creation of the Order Management Dashboard and explain the reasoning behind it. The last chapter fully focuses on the adoption of machine learning technology and data analysis in the MaxBill solution, its potential benefits and use cases that bring added value to our partner’s business. To learn about all of the above in more detail, read the MaxBill technological report. It will be interesting for anyone curious about the current trends in billing and partner management or would like to get a better understanding of the MaxBill strategy and technological course of action.