We are proud to announce the cooperation between MaxBill and Galp Energía, the leading Portuguese corporation engaged in multiple energy-related activities. Galp works towards finding the best solutions to provide the world with energy in an efficient, safe and accessible way. We are delighted to share the same value of continuous modernization and support our partner’s mission of keeping the world moving. At the same time, we join Galp’s goal to stimulate innovation, competitiveness and life quality.

MaxBill provides Galp Energía with the leading-edge Bill Formatting Server that opens up possibilities for quick, easy and transparent communication with the clients across a variety of channels. This MaxBill module was initially configured for compiling invoices in PDF, XML and paper print. However, it can be used for any type of user-bound correspondence and process large volumes of data each month.

“By integrating our MaxBill BFS, Galp Energía can now personalize every communication with their customers. Be it an invoice, email, or letter, Galp’s Spanish business energy customers benefit from the detail and clarity we can produce,” comments Javier Morelli, Project Director at MaxBill.

On behalf of all our team, we are thankful for the trust Galp Energía has placed on us. We are looking forward to successful cooperation in the years ahead.

To learn more about our MaxBill modern billing solution, please visit the product page or contact us at info@maxbill.com.