Over the years, MaxBill has earned the trust of the providers from a variety of industries. We have established many successful mutually beneficial partnerships across Europe, the UK and other countries. That is why, we are excited to move further to the Nordic region, and are looking forward to fruitful long-term collaborations there.

Our mission is to bring innovative changes and positively influence the market. First and foremost, it means we’re dedicated to delivering the solution that will allow Nordic providers to expand their customer base, add new services to their offer, broaden the area of influence, avoid customer churn and grow their businesses. 

MaxBill is ready to bring its 24+ year experience in billing and partner management to the market and galvanize the process of innovation and digitalization. However, even having a deep knowledge of the market across Europe, we are always eager to learn. We don’t want to be just another platform or vendor. Our ambition is to drive innovation across the region, providing our partners and clients exactly what they need to support their business goals and bring the digital future closer.

That is why MaxBill is excited to collaborate with Lars Enström and Carsten Korgaard, who are sharing their profound insights about the Nordic market. This way we are certain to equip providers there with the tools specific to their requirements. 

Lars Enström is a senior management consultant with an executive, technical and commercial IT background and a wide range of experience in the IT industry from more than 50 years of professional experience. Currently, Lars acts as senior program manager for large complex IT integration programs focusing on the Nordic and Baltic region. His specialities include banking, utilities, telco, process industry and others. Thanks to his strong leadership, analytical, design and problem-solving skills, Lars is equally successful on his own as well as a part of the team. We’re very proud to share his values of high customer focus and maintaining high quality standards.

Carsten Korgaard is a business consultant, with broad experience in infrastructure, IT development, IT operation, IT maintenance and vendor management. He’s taken on projects at the startup phase, as well as the last stage before production and after it. Carsten specializes in optimizing processes, implementing them, and educating the team to build an efficient organization with highly motivated members. We’re delighted to work with such a knowledgable, open-minded, ambitious and outgoing person.

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come, as we will be taking you with us on this wonderful journey of partnerships and collaborations in the Nordic region.