We are pleased to receive two awards from the independent software review platform, FinancesOnline, whose experts explored our all-in-one solution and its individual modules in depth. We’ve been anointed as the Rising Star in the Billing and Invoicing Software category, which marks the overall high quality of our solution and its innovative technological background. The experienced team of the FinancesOnline SaaS reviewers particularly praised the level of automation and control the user gets over the billing operations with our solution, as well as its superior ability to accommodate integrations with the third-party software.

Rising Star 2020 Award MaxBill

The second award was given to MaxBill for great User Experience and celebrates the newly-developed Order Management Dashboard. We are especially excited about this acknowledgment, as it is a product of our company-wide UX strategy revision and improvement. We’re delighted to provide our partners with the tools to satisfy all their customers’ growing demands and stay at the edge of modern technology.

User Experience 2020 MaxBill Award

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