Calling all iGaming professionals to join the anonymous opinion pool


In recent years, the iGaming industry attracted more attention than before. The sector is evolving, growing and broadens its service offering and customer base. While more people of different socio-economic groups are starting to participate in gaming, governments saw the need to upgrade the legislative regulations regarding iGaming companies. Such processes, of course, should take market preferences and specifics into considerations, improving the customer experience for players and supporting the development of the businesses. Does it, however?

MaxBill, in partnership with the European Gaming portal, wants to get to the bottom of this, gathering genuine opinions from iGaming professionals with varied backgrounds. Regulations differ greatly from country to country and affect all the companies in a unique way, and we are excited to learn about all experiences.

MaxBill is a trusted solution provider for major iGaming companies. It is our goal to transform and drive the industry to more successes, and the only way to achieve it is to bring the community closer together. Let’s have a discussion, share knowledge, experiences and struggles with one another, reach understanding and support each other’s progress.

To have a productive conversation where each participant feels listened to, MaxBill conducts a fully anonymous survey. It touches upon the effects of newly introduced regulations on the iGaming market. We will be running it for 3 weeks, and then compile a comprehensive report based on the result, showcasing the common trends, highlighting the issues and suggesting possible ways to overcome them.

You can participate in the forum by filling out the form above. We are looking forward to hearing from you.