Utility providers have faced a lot of pressure last year, due to the worldwide health crisis and subsequent lockdown. Though the situation slowly stabilizes, the industry will be recovering for many months to come, and the companies everywhere are forced to re-think their procedures according to the circumstances.

The demand for renewable sources of energy is rising, more independent providers join the grid, and it is up to larger companies to catch up and build sustainable partnerships. Users become more involved with their providers, demanding more authority over their own finances and services. Utilities must establish more transparent communication with their customers now, offering comprehensive contract terms, detailed billing information and personal touch to interactions. Therefore, digital transformation becomes unavoidable for those companies, who want to stay relevant and perform up to the customers’ expectations.

We dig deeper into the above-mentioned and other trends in the recent MaxBill datasheet. It paints a bigger picture of where the industry is heading in 2021, to help utilities navigate their business more successfully.