It’s been three months since COVID-19 was recognized as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. During this time, MaxBill has carried out business as usual. We’ve never disrupted our operations and made sure to smoothly transition into the new working reality. Management and administrators have carefully monitored the situation every day. 

Infographic 2019-nCov

The government and WHO recommendations were immediately implemented in both Prague and Odessa offices, with the specific requirements for each location taken into consideration. Particularly, following the lockdown announcement in the Czech Republic and Ukraine, offices were closed and all the employees were advised to work from home. Shifting to the remote teams’ organization has been very successful, thanks to the efforts of administrative management. Each step of the process has been explained in detail, with each member of the team being guided through potential difficulties.

In order to keep the familiar culture and give the team members a sense of belonging together were established additional activities, such as the daily meetings to casually chat over Zoom, weekly knowledge sharing seminars, photo competitions, guessing games, etc. Now the restrictions are being lifted all around the world, so employees who wish to return to the office are allowed to do so. Administrators in Prague and Odessa are extra attentive to make the office environment safe for the teams and visitors alike.

We are proud to be getting through this global health crisis as a team and will continue to approach each situation in this manner working together and listening to each other. Only this way we can grow stronger and continue delivering the best possible solution to our partners.