MaxBill Annual Workshop and Award Ceremony: 2020 Wrap-Up

January is traditionally the time to discuss the results of the past year and set goals and expectations for the next one. At MaxBill it means that the team gathers for a series of workshops, company updates and also an award ceremony to recognize the exceptional results of some team members. In previous years the workshops and the ceremony were held on-site so that everyone came together for the occasion. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, however, this year we had to get creative. Drawing from the lesson learned during the mid-year summer event, administrative, IT and management teams came together to organize a great experience for everyone — both in offices and remote.

2020 Results Video and Online Strategy Updates

Last year was very bountiful for MaxBill, with a lot of new people joining the team, new clients and partners getting on board, a big portion of inside processes being automated and upgraded and, of course, the company keeping up superb performance even during the pandemic. To describe everything that happened, with numbers and stats, the management team recorded a video in the festive style. This format of presenting the important information makes it easier to fit into the scheduled time frame, while also allowing those who missed it to watch at a convenient time and get up to speed with the rest of the company. Besides, a creative and fun video works wonders for the team spirit and sparks more attention from the audience.

The team that laughs together sticks together

The pre-recorded video update was followed by a series of workshops that consisted of each department describing its yearly results from 2020 and presenting the strategy for 2021. All workshops were held, of course, via videochat, which didn’t detract from the experience in the slightest. On the contrary, the possibility to re-watch the screen recording and download the presentation was met very positively. Q&A sessions were also a breeze, thanks to the smart hardware setup and constant monitoring performed by the IT and HR departments.

Always there to jump in in case of any technical issues

MaxSeminar Appreciation and Best Employees 2020 Awards

The idea of MaxSeminars was born in the spring of 2020. Since then, this activity became one of the most beloved ones in the company: more than 50 sessions were held over time, with the majority of speakers presenting more than once. As knowledge sharing is one of the values MaxBill holds very high, each presentation was rated by the audience to give constructive feedback to the speaker and determine whether or not it was beneficial. Unsurprisingly, most sessions were rated pretty high, as members of the MaxBill team are always dedicated to the task at hand, be it a big or a small one. Because of this, HR and PMO teams suggested a MaxSeminar appreciation program to reward the most active participants and those with the highest-rated presentations.

That’s exactly how the annual MaxBill award ceremony began — the rating scores were announced and the five most successful speakers were celebrated. Among them were people present in the office at the time and also those who chose to watch the event remotely — no matter the location, everyone was very excited to participate.

Genuine emotions are the best part of any occasion

The MaxBill Best Employees award ceremony is a well-established tradition to recognize the achievements of the particular members of the team, who showed outstanding results in the past year. The nominees and the winners were determined on the basis of the 360 review that is conducted on the regular basis as one of the mandatory company procedures. Additionally, the evaluations done by high-level management and the CEO are taken into account. The awards were presented by the last year’s champions. Stay tuned, as we will publish the interviews with the winners in a bit: all of them have valuable insights on professional success and interesting stories about the daily MaxBill life to share.

awards maxbill product owner project director scrum master
Thanks for being an example of excellence to us all!

The update and an award ceremony are probably the most anticipated internal event of the year, boosting the team spirit for months to come. Here’s to the successful 2021 and the many accomplishments we will achieve together!

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