Interview with Yurii Kindruk, Oracle DBA / RDBMS Developer

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We continue our series of interviews with one of the essential developers at MaxBill, who did not only relocated from another city to join our team but used all his past experience to bring value to the company almost from the start. Yurii joined MaxBill a year ago as an Oracle DBA / RDBMS Developer. Today, we asked Yurii to look back on the path he had walked together with MaxBill, describe his everyday work and share his advice to newcomers.

Yurii also communicates with the client representatives if the issue is unclear or some additional information is needed.

What was your professional journey before MaxBill, and how did you start with the company?

I was a database administrator in an iGaming company, a legal firm and a couple of banks. The job is pretty much the same throughout all industries, with a couple of specifics in the types and quantity of the databases.

I challenged myself to collaborate with a company that specialized in software and thought that MaxBill is a perfect fit because I can bring some real value here. It was also a time for my family to switch some routines around and the change of climate conditions in particular. Relocation to the sea seemed perfect for us.

What makes MaxBill special for you?

One can always find joy in their work. It is much harder, however, to find co-workers that are truly a team. I’m very lucky to have great relationships with other MaxBillers from the beginning and be comfortable around my teammates.

What is the most challenging part of your job and which one is the most rewarding?

No time to get bored at MaxBill. There are always cool projects to dig through.

The biggest challenge from the beginning for me was to learn about the MaxBill product quickly. It is quite mature, so it takes time to develop an understanding as deep as I would’ve liked.

I was lucky to join the company while MaxBill was performing an ambitious project for one of our clients. It took a large chunk of the entire team’s time, as we needed to migrate all client’s data to the new servers, the new version of our product, the new customer model and the new version of the Oracle database on top of all that. I’m very proud to contribute to these exciting transformations, as the last two months were a real breakthrough.

The most rewarding experience for me is successful teamwork. We always help each other and communicate a lot during a working day, and it’s wonderful to be surrounded by people that will have your back no matter what.

Let’s touch a bit on your passions unrelated to the workplace. What do you do in your spare time?

Family holds a special place in my heart, of course. I really don’t have time to waste when my kids are around.

Yurii recharges his motivation on top of the mountain.

Bicycles and tourism, especially hiking in the mountains, are my biggest hobbies. I try to dedicate time and energy to them as often as I can. Together with my family, we travel somewhere at least once a year, though 2020 was difficult for us because of the restrictions. We’re eagerly waiting for new opportunities, as children get older and we can manage fresh, more interesting routes.

Do any of your hobbies influence your work and if yes, how?

It’s not my style to visit the same place ten years in a row. Traveling, experiencing new places, new countries, new routes, and conquering new heights reboots my mind.

It’s very refreshing to tune out work-related thoughts completely and be purely in the moment, enjoying beautiful nature. I come back from vacation more motivated, ready to find original solutions to the old problems and come up with ideas that no one thought about before.

What were the most interesting and fun situations at work?

Every day brings tons of new tasks. Our entire team has a good sense of humor, so you can imagine that anything can be turned into fun. Such a cheerful attitude usually helps to overcome even the most difficult situations.

What is the most special moment with your colleagues?

Team outings are always special. It is great to unwind and chat with each other outside work, share life stories and laugh together. After such communions, it’s easier to see each other’s point during work-related discussions.

Do you have any tips and/or wishes for MaxBill newcomers?

At MaxBill, professionals are always open to communication and will share their expertise if you seek it.

We thank Yurii for this very inspiring interview and invite you to stay tuned for more success stories. By knowing each other’s journey, we learn to understand the world and people around us better, which is the key to growing personally and professionally.

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