Interview with Alina Bilodid, Senior Product Owner

The main MaxBill goal is to bring real value to our clients and partners. Our solution is designed for the specific purpose of elevating their businesses and supporting them on a way to success. That’s why it is crucial to work closely with each one of our clients to understand their company deeply, cover all of their needs, evolve and transform together.

Today, we introduce one of the key people who know exactly what our clients need, Alina Bilodid, Senior Product Owner.

What was your professional journey before MaxBill, and how did you start with the company?

Before MaxBill, I was working as an economist in a construction company and had several internships abroad. However, my biggest passion and dream job were related to consulting and analysis to develop customer business. 

I found a very attractive Business Analyst job opening at MaxBill, so I applied. My journey at MaxBill started as a Project Officer. After only nine months I switched my role to BA. 

It is already nine years as I am a member of the MaxBill team, occupying the Senior Product Owner position.

What makes MaxBill special for you?

MaxBill gave me a unique opportunity to grow professionally. Every day brings different challenges and opportunities to develop a new skill: it can be a technical or a soft one. 

Additionally, I love our friendly in-company atmosphere, which allows everyone to feel comfortable at work.

What is the most challenging part of your job and which one is the most rewarding?

When I am thinking about the most rewarding points at my job I can name several. 

At the time when requirements are gathered, and design is created, we are seeking the best option. It is crucial to satisfy all of the requirements that come up in different scenarios. When the solution is found, presented to a client, and the client is happy, I feel a tremendous sense we are helping.

Another remarkable feeling comes when the release is rolled out. When everything goes smoothly and successfully, I feel like standing on top of a mountain after a difficult climb.

Let’s touch a bit on your passions unrelated to the workplace. What do you do in your spare time?  

I like traveling with my family. It helps to combine several benefits: see new places, discover new cuisines and people, and switch my mind after work.

Do any of your hobbies influence your work and if yes, how?

It is neccessary for me to turn my inner eye away from the everyday tasks and into myself. I rest my soul during the time with my family, and then can return to work with a renewed, fresh outlook on the projects before me. This helps get a clearer view of what is important and how to approach a particular problem. Without such breaks, my productivity would fall amd my enthusiasm would get diminished with time.

What were the most interesting and fun situations at work?

Each year at MaxBill we have wonderful teambuilding events.

I enjoy our fantastic New Year Parties, each devoted to a special topic, trips to the sea for the entire company, and other fun activities outside the workplace we get to do together.

What is the most special moment with your colleagues?

There are situations when we need to work on a tight schedule to complete the release or prepare a demo. This is a time when a miracle happens: each teammate is working at their 120%, generating ideas, finding unique solutions. Work gets done and everybody appreciates each other’s dedication and creative energy. That’s when it truly feels like we are an unbreakable team.

Do you have any tips and/or wishes for MaxBill newcomers?

Starting your journey, be ready to receive a lot of new information about products, verticals, industries. Be ready to learn it, without trying to get everything in one go, however, try to understand as much as possible. Also, you have to be flexible and goal-oriented, to reach your best potential. In MaxBill, you can do it for sure, but you’ve got to give it a lot of effort.

We thank Alina for this very inspiring interview and invite you to stay tuned for more success stories. By knowing each other’s journey, we learn to understand the world and people around us better, which is the key to growing personally and professionally.

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