Energy B2B SaaS Customer Support: Golden Standards of MaxBill. Interview with Javier Morelli, Account Director.

Energy B2B SaaS Customer Support at MaxBill - Golden standards of service

Let us introduce Javier Morelli, an esteemed Account Director at MaxBill. He stands at the helm of the software customer support department, leading with experience and empathy.

In the current energy and utility B2B SaaS landscape, businesses are in a constant state of evolution. They pivot to new business models amid the ongoing energy transition. Against it, one truth remains constant: the paramount importance of customer success.

In this enlightening conversation, Javier Morelli helps us uncover:

  • The essence of software maintenance and support services at MaxBill for energy and utility B2B SaaS.
  • The guiding philosophy behind the company’s B2B SaaS solutions delivery.
  • The distinctive qualities that set our support delivery apart in the industry.
  • How personal working background and expertise empower existing and future customers.
  • The future trajectory of customer support experiences for MaxBill’s clientele, and much more.

The foundational principles behind MaxBill SaaS Support strategy

Our primary objective is to help our clients, incl. energy SaaS companies, achieve success. Most times, a “less is more approach” fits the best. SaaS B2B adopters want to be autonomous in their use of the solution. We promote this by providing training, documentation, and tools.

Our client’s digital transformation usually drives them to ask questions on how to leverage MaxBill for further progress. On that basis, we build our assistance offer to complement their in-house skills and abilities.

This requires a multifaceted approach to energy and utility software B2B SaaS customer support and maintenance. With it, the team brings a diverse set of skills and roles to the table. While we do offer a foundational catalog of services, the real magic lies in how we create their specific instances. Essentially, it’s about bespoke processes tailored to each client’s needs. Crafting such tailored experiences requires a myriad of components, both technical and human. They range from IT infrastructure and tools to the knowledge, skills, and availability of our team.

Our assistance delivery hinges on key characteristics: reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and genuine empathy. These principles don’t merely dictate our assistance but extend to our team’s interactions and engagements. Our strategy is layered — it starts with applying our tailored services, progresses to aligning the right people to the processes, and culminates in ensuring that our team exudes those defining characteristics.

Ultimately, our support spectrum is vast, accommodating varying degrees of complexity. It can span from basic first-line helpdesk interactions right through to in-depth professional and managed services. Along the way, we ensure that our clients always have a reliable touchpoint at MaxBill.

When the customer support team starts the engagement

Our involvement isn’t limited to just when the system is operational. Our production team typically initiates its services at the system’s go-live phase. And our engagement actually commences much earlier, right from our very first interaction with a prospective client. This initial phase is crucial since, during this time, we gather insights into the client’s vision of value and success.

Some parameters might be outlined in the B2B SaaS customer support services agreement. But often, during the early phases, clients gain clarity on the extent of assistance they might require to maximize the value obtained from our But often, during the early phases, clients gain clarity on the extent of assistance they might require to maximize the value obtained from our customer support B2B SaaS solution. Thus, from the outset, our focus is on comprehending the client’s objectives behind opting for our billing solution. Based on this understanding, we delineate potential solutions tailored to the client’s needs. 

What differentiates MaxBill’s software customer support and maintenance

What truly sets our customer success strategy apart is our unwavering commitment. We certainly uphold our contractual obligations, such as system maintenance, ensuring peak performance, and staying abreast of the latest technologies. However, our dedication goes beyond these fundamentals. We’re deeply invested in empowering our clients to achieve their strategic milestones.

We actively urge our clients to divulge their strategies, ambitions, and definitions of success post-system implementation. It’s not about being passive observers but being collaborative partners in their business transformation. The purpose is to facilitate their digital transition, encourage process automation, and have MaxBill serve as a foundational pillar in their transformation journey.

Our team is deeply aligned with this vision. We relentlessly strive to understand our clients’ business landscape, ensuring we provide them not only with top-tier assistance but also with invaluable advice to navigate their utility industry successfully.

The primary objectives and unique challenges

Every client that integrates with our company brings a unique set of challenges. I must remain circumspect about specific details due to non-disclosure agreements. Yet, I can share that these challenges often exhibit recurring patterns, given that our clientele is spread across multiple verticals. Our experience with past and current accounts equips us to handle these recurrent challenges proficiently.

Being part of the energy and utility B2B SaaS software maintenance and support unit alongside the production team, our primary objective is to be adaptive and intuitive, assisting client energy SaaS companies as they undergo transformative phases. In essence, our role is to bolster our client’s business transformation journey, aligning them closer to their strategic aspirations.

It’s imperative to note that our B2B SaaS customer support support isn’t limited to just troubleshooting or upkeep. It extends to encompass account management, which involves collaborations with product owners and business analysts. Together, we work in tandem with our clients, constantly seeking avenues for transformation and ensuring they harness the full capabilities of the solution. This is a relentless endeavour, underscoring our dedication to client success.

The role of customer feedback in shaping the pursuit of business excellence

Customer feedback is pivotal to our continuous improvement efforts in our software maintenance and B2B SaaS customer support services. We utilise surveys to glean insights on various facets — from recommendations and satisfaction levels to an assessment of our support performance. But for us, feedback isn’t merely retrospective; it’s forward-looking as well.

We not only assess past experiences but also proactively seek out our clients’ plans for the upcoming period. By integrating this dual perspective, we’re better poised to tailor our support and maintenance endeavors, ensuring an optimal experience with MaxBill.

How the customer support team addresses the adjustments during the live stage

In our niche as an energy billing B2B SaaS company, we pride ourselves on meticulous preparation. We ensure that all client requirements are gathered in advance to guarantee that the product functions as intended. However, if unforeseen adjustments arise post-launch, we have a team of seasoned analysts and product owners. They are ready to assist in any necessary fine-tuning.

The nature of software maintenance and B2B SaaS customer support services dictates that by the time the system goes live, the client’s requirements are factored in. This includes a broad spectrum of scenarios outlined by the client. This proactive approach minimizes the need for complex, time-consuming adjustments post-launch. Naturally, minor glitches might occur, as human intervention is involved at every step, be it the analysis or the implementation phase.

That’s the reason we prioritise data migration and the delineation of business processes during the onboarding phase. In the energy and utility SaaS sector, our focus is on implementing a robust system, not building it from scratch. So, our directive to our B2B clients is clear: “The system is already in place; here’s your roadmap for a smooth data migration”.

The approach to closing the clients’ knowledge gap about the system

We’re proactive in addressing this concern. By the time the product is ready to go live, we aim for the knowledge gap to be virtually nonexistent. A pivotal part of this is achieved during the onboarding process, where we focus on facilitating business readiness. It’s imperative for clients to have an in-depth understanding of the vertical and industry-specific processes embedded within MaxBill.

Our customer success approach involves ensuring clients actively test the system, receive comprehensive training, and fully comprehend its functionalities. We also emphasize the importance of disseminating this knowledge throughout their organisation, preparing their teams for the transformative changes the company will introduce.

Integrating a new customer care and billing solution inevitably leads to shifts in a company’s customer service dynamics. Typically, with the introduction of modernized processes, the frequency of client queries should diminish. Moreover, the nature of inquiries may evolve, reflecting the efficiency and advancements the system brings.

Ultimately, our emphasis during onboarding is to empower clients to adapt seamlessly, ensuring they’re well-equipped to handle these transitions.

Gauging the effectiveness and success of the customer support team

Measuring success is a blend of internal assessments and external feedback. Internally, we utilise various key performance indicators that evaluate our team’s performance. Many of these evaluations are facilitated by our HR department. Additionally, we prioritize continuous professional growth within our customer success department. Team members are enabled to acquire new skills and grow in their respective roles.

Externally, we gain invaluable insights from our clients. Through a specific methodology we employ annually, we assess the quality of our aid. This methodology delves into various dimensions of our services, yielding precise evaluations. Later, they inform our training agendas for the subsequent year, help refine our assistance delivery, and drive continuous improvement.

Additionally, we complement these insights with customer satisfaction metrics, net promoter scores, and feedback garnered from marketing-led surveys. In collaboration with our marketing department, we periodically collect comprehensive feedback from our users. This allows us to ensure that we’re constantly aligning our services with our client’s evolving needs.

How a personal 10-year experience helps interact with the clients

My journey began as a very young developer and took me through a series of roles in support, project and now account operations. I’ve worn multiple hats as a consultant and vendor to several energy companies in various markets.

At MaxBill, my roles have expanded across diverse verticals such as energy, telco, and iGaming.

The fact that I’ve been through the process that our clients undergo multiple times helps me understand the concerns they experience and the efforts they make to integrate our solution into their strategy. This insight not only informs our team’s approach but also enables me to advise clients on actionable steps that can expedite their objectives with minimal risk.

Through the years, I have been exposed to several iterations and versions of the industry’s processes. This helps me, as an account director, be capable of shaping our software support delivery. It’s not just about solutions. I frequently engage directly with our product owners, preparing strategic advice for our clients on their transformational efforts and best practices for leveraging our solution.

The next major step in enhancing customer support and experience for clients

Our production department is in a perpetual state of evolution, mirroring the growth and transformation of the product itself. We’re not just offering help; we’re consistently innovating and expanding. Drawing inspiration from our lead accounts, we uncover new ways our solution can serve our clients, enabling us to refine and adapt our processes for optimal performance.

In essence, we operate much like a dynamic marketplace – always updating our services and offerings. As we align with industry best practices and seek internal improvements, it’s evident that our commitment is to remain proactive, rather than reactive, in this ever-changing landscape.

The future is data-driven. We’re harnessing the power of data to inform and guide our strategies, ensuring that we’re not just keeping pace, but setting the pace. We’re exploring new technologies like chatbots for immediate customer assistance, integrating advancements in AI, and more. Adapting to these innovations isn’t just a goal; it’s imperative to meet the evolving demands and expectations of our clients.

Final thoughts

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, many businesses find themselves at a crossroads, wondering if now is the right time for a digital transformation. MaxBill stands as a testament to what a well-executed digital transformation can look like and how it can elevate your business to new heights. If you’re pondering the intricacies of SaaS product implementation or wish to understand how our solutions can seamlessly align with your business objectives, we are here to guide you.

Our team is well-equipped to paint a vivid picture of the potential outcomes and processes involved, making sure you’re informed every step of the way. For a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of our offerings and how they can factor into your specific needs, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We’re eager to embark on this transformative journey with you.


What does customer support do in SaaS?

SaaS customer support, as illustrated by MaxBill’s approach, encompasses a comprehensive range of services aimed at ensuring client satisfaction and success. It involves not just reactive problem-solving but also proactive measures to enable clients to use the solution autonomously. MaxBill emphasizes training, documentation, and tools to promote client autonomy. Our support strategy is multifaceted, involving tailored services to meet each client’s unique needs, from basic helpdesk interactions to in-depth professional and managed services, ensuring reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy at every touchpoint.

What is B2B client support?

B2B client support focuses on aiding businesses in the energy and utility sectors through a transformational journey with their SaaS solutions. It is characterised by a deep commitment to understanding and aligning with clients’ strategic milestones and involves a collaborative partnership to support business transformation. Customer support SaaS for B2B includes account management, leveraging insights from past and current accounts to address challenges, and providing strategic advice to ensure clients harness the full capabilities of the solution.

What is customer success in B2B SaaS?

Customer success in B2B SaaS goes beyond traditional support to ensure clients achieve their strategic goals using the software. It involves a proactive engagement from the outset, understanding the client’s vision of value and success, and providing tailored solutions based on this understanding. MaxBill’s dedication to empowering clients to achieve their strategic milestones through the software underpins their customer success strategy. SaaS maintenance and support involve urging clients to share their strategies and ambitions and collaborating with them to facilitate their digital transformation and process automation.

What is B2B in SaaS?

B2B support services refer to software solutions designed for and sold to other businesses, rather than individual consumers. MaxBill’s example illustrates a B2B SaaS model focused on the energy and utility sector, where software solutions support businesses in navigating the energy transition and achieving digital transformation. The B2B aspect is evident in the tailored, strategic support provided to businesses, emphasizing the need for solutions that align with specific business objectives and operational requirements.

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