Essen, Germany: MaxBill At The Major E-World Energy And Water Show

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E-World Energy and Water Trade Show, Essen, Germany [February 20–22, 2024]. In a groundbreaking showcase of technological prowess and visionary strategy, MaxBill attended this prestigious event.

This year’s exposition attracted over 900 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors from more than 30 countries, including the Netherlands, Britain, Norway, Turkey, and the UAE, underscoring its international appeal and significance in the energy sector.

Focusing on the German market yet drawing global attention, this biggest trade show for the energy industry has become a pivotal platform for exploring the latest trends, technologies, and solutions shaping the future of energy. 

E-World Energy and Water 2024 Essen, Germany: Key Focus Points

Among the highlights were the innovative German energy solutions and the emerging technologies for virtual power plants. These solutions, particularly relevant in Germany due to the proliferation of private decentralised green energy producers, underscore the country’s leadership in embracing water, wind, hydrogen, and solar power.

MaxBill professionals, with their cutting-edge approach to energy and utility billing management and optimisation, were exploring how to help Deutsch energy companies and utilities grow more during the current energy transition.  

Excelling in the realm of machine learning and artificial intelligence predictive modelling for utilities, our company has demonstrated a strong proficiency in this area. Specifically, Maxbill representatives devoted considerable attention to the discussions on AI algorithms for improved forecasting accuracy and business process optimisation that took place during this E-World Energy and Water Trade Show in Essen. 

These technologies are not just the future; they are the present, enabling more efficient, sustainable, and reliable energy systems worldwide.

MaxBill’s Takeaway from Power and Energy Trade Show in Germany

One notable panel explored how utilities could achieve growth and resilience by transforming their supply chains—a topic that resonates with MaxBill’s strategic vision.

Traditionally, during the event, MaxBill engaged in meaningful dialogues with potential partners and customers, exploring collaboration opportunities with developers and suppliers in the energy sector. 

These interactions highlighted MaxBill’s role as a connector and innovator, eager to forge partnerships that drive progress and deliver value to the energy ecosystem in the subjects of efficient billing, CRM, and partnership management. All of that is strategically powered by AI and ML capabilities. 

 “Our participation has not only allowed us to showcase our solutions but also to deepen our understanding of the industry’s needs and the exciting opportunities ahead. We are committed to continuing our work with partners and clients to build a more sustainable, efficient, and customer-centric energy future,” said MaxBill Marketing Product Manager, Tatiana Rink.

E-world Energy and Water in Germany is the most major event for energy and utility

About MaxBill: 

MaxBill is a leading provider of advanced energy and utility billing, CRM, and partner management solutions, designed to empower utilities and energy providers to achieve operational excellence and drive sustainable growth. 

With a focus on innovation and customer success, MaxBill delivers comprehensive solutions that support German and European energy companies, water companies, and utilities in navigating the complexities of modern billing. 

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