The new year is always a promising time for fresh starts. However, more often than not events of the coming year are consequential to what happened during the passing one. That is why we can project which paths the industry is going to take by looking back at 2020 and analyzing the current state of the market. Equipped with this knowledge, companies can see what they need to do to stay relevant more clearly.

After some research and reflection, MaxBill compiled a list of four main trends that are going to be hot in the telecommunication industry in 2021 and suggested a route of action based on them. It looks like we are going to witness further development and wider implementation of such technologies as 5G and AR, deeper research of AI and ML capabilities and use cases for them, new partnerships between IT and telco blossoming, and other exciting progress. It will create new opportunities as well as the pressing demand for process and hardware updates, with virtualization being on everyone’s mind.

Discover more about all of the above in the MaxBill datasheet, and be ready for everything the new year has in store for telecommunication providers.