MaxBill is proud to announce it has been chosen by Caiway in the Netherlands to implement its multiple play customer management and billing solution.

“During the selection phase MaxBill proved to have an excellent understanding of our specific issues and challenges. Right from the start, there was a strong connection between MaxBill and Caiway. Both parties are very open and transparent and the product fits nicely into Caiway’s current architecture. These aspects form the basis for a sustainable relationship.”

Aart Verbree, CEO at Caiway

Caiway provides digital television, internet and telephony services over IP networks to local markets throughout the Netherlands. MaxBill will deploy its product suite to support Caiway’s growing subscriber base with a unified framework for customer management, order management, product management, billing and invoicing. The MaxBill product suite will enable Caiway to independently and dynamically bundle its communications services into competitively priced and uniquely designed packages. The deployment of MaxBill will replace Caiway’s internal legacy system.

“We are very pleased that Caiway has placed its trust in MaxBill and has selected our multiple play solution. We have strong expectations for continued growth in the multiple play market space as more service providers expand their service offerings and require efficient customer management and billing solutions to facilitate their business growth.”

Kirill Rechter, CEO of MaxBill