Automated Revenue Management System to Maximize Revenue Potential

A larger number of businesses are using the automated revenue management system to handle multiple income flows, diversify their portfolios, and remain supportive and helpful to clients. This system is all about price management and marketing

In the meantime, should they add automation to end-to-end billing along with price setting, this combination pays off significantly. It helps streamline workflows and reduce employee workload. This way, teams can focus on improving their performance and productivity.

Despite the numerous benefits of automating financial processes, coming from revenue management automation software, many companies remain hesitant to adopt automation. As a result, essential operations are still being done manually, which is usually time-consuming, error-prone, and dependent on human focus. According to a recent report, only 38 percent of companies automate their financial and billing procedures. This might be due to a lack of understanding of the advantages of modernising financial and revenue operations.

As the world tracks fast into the digital age, it is time for businesses to start thinking about automating their billing operations for a number of reasons. Let’s revisit the major ones and learn about the benefits of automated revenue management software.

What is an Automated Revenue Management System?

Revenue management automation: what is it?

The science behind revenue management is quite simple. In the domains of utility, iGaming, telecom, and other industries MaxBill serves, such an approach suggests selling the appropriate services to the right clients at the right time, and at the right priceall of that in the most efficient way.

Chron provides an excellent definition, and we cannot agree more: 

“Revenue management is the practice of maximizing a company’s revenues while selling the same amount of products or services. Also called yield management, some consider it both an art and a science.”

An automated revenue management system (ARMS) is software that assists financial managers in running revenue tasks more effectively and optimising the costs associated with income operations. ARMS takes a variety of factors into account, including historical data, rates, seasonality, etc. to optimize rates and maximise revenue. By using ARMS, industries can increase profitability, improve decision-making, and better manage their inventory

Benefits of Revenue Management Automation:

Advantages of Automated revenue management system

 1. Reduction of Invoice Processing Time

Implementing automation in financial processes can significantly reduce the time it takes to process invoices. To be specific, it cuts down 10% to 40% of your processing time. The system completes all necessary tasks, such as data entry, number confirmation, and obtaining required approvals, without the need for further human intervention. 

It frees up employees’ time and energy to focus on raising productivity and handling complex tasks, allowing them to be more creative and productive.

Revenue management automation also paves the way for a more streamlined routine. It prevents your operations from getting stuck and ensures that the billing process flows smoothly. 

Not to mention, it prevents you from missing deadlines and due dates since it automatically processes the billing. Additionally, automation helps speed up cash flow by shortening the time between when billing starts and when invoices are sent out.

2. Billing & Invoicing Accuracy

Accounting errors can have a significant impact on your business. It might even result in losing money in the process. Meanwhile, backtracking and resolving such mistakes means taking precious time away from employees who need to focus on other essential tasks. Furthermore, resolving errors manually does not guarantee that the same errors will not occur again.

So, one of the meaningful benefits of revenue management automation software is that it can reduce the likelihood of billing mistakes. It helps to avoid errors that are usually common when tasks are completed manually, like miscommunication, miscalculation, misfiling, and typos when entering data. By automating your billing operations, you can minimise the risk of duplicate payments, overpayments, and underpayments.

3. Billing Process Transparency

revenue management automation software

Any discrepancy in the invoices might lead to severe consequences for the company. Keeping track of the cash flow is critical for the high efficiency of any business.

Revenue management automation helps keep an eye on every billing process within your organisation. It provides real-time monitoring, live updates, and report generation to keep you aware of the current status of your payment cycles. 

According to FinancesOnline’s guide on billing and invoicing software analysis, implementing the appropriate software can give you greater control over your finances in no time. Additionally, it can help prevent unauthorised access to financial information and reduce the risk of data breaches in the future.

4. Revenue Performance Driven By Operational Efficiency

Transparency of revenue management automation

When it comes to operational efficiency in the financial area, the revenue automation system is king. When it comes to processing invoices, bottlenecks are often inevitable. Specific approvals must be obtained before money can be transferred between bank accounts. Having to follow up manually back and forth between the client, bank, and supplier can eventually be exhausting and inefficient. This puts other tasks on hold in the process.

Using an automated revenue management system helps you get rid of these bottlenecks. With just a few clicks, you can start billing your customers, validating checks, previewing invoices, and maintaining recurring charges. And since everything is automated, you can go on with other value-adding tasks in between while also taking your customer communication to the next level.

5. Digital Transformation

revenue management automation

Automating billing operations also means digitization across the entire company. It eliminates the need for paper trails and file cabinets since all documents and files will be accessible in a digital storage system.

There are several benefits to going digital. It facilitates better collaboration since anyone with access can retrieve and send necessary files and data to the rest of the organization. Likewise, digital files mean you don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing important documents. Not to mention, it is much easier to organize, categorize, and archive them when needed.  

How Automated Revenue Management System completes end-to-end billing delivered by MaxBill?

Revenue management automation advantages

ARMS makes a good team with end-to-end billing. Once companies establish prices and proceed to charging for services, it’s crucial to evaluate the quality of billing. In this regard, MaxBill helps by delivering a meaningful metric, Days Sales Outstanding. 

DSO is an accounting metric that gauges how long it typically takes a company to get paid for products and services bought on credit. 

The lower the DSO, the faster payments are collected, while a higher DSO indicates a longer period before the company receives its money. By tracking DSO, companies can improve their cash flow and optimize their revenue management processes.

Here are other areas where companies get solutions for: 

Accounts Receivable

With the help of a tailored payment plan and automated payments from the defined bank account, businesses allow customers and partners greater leeway in how and when they pay their bills. Businesses are enabled to maintain the receivable side of customer accounts.

Accrual Reporting and Forecast

Thanks to an automated revenue management system, it becomes simple to track unbilled revenue earned for the entire client base or simply a certain segment.

Collection Activities

Managers oversee unpaid invoices, including late fees and past-due uncollectible receivables, and they set up operations to collect the arrears in accordance with the organization’s standards. The automated revenue collection system will save the day if the company faces significant indebtedness from consumers.

Manage Payment Arrangement

The team can quickly design, collect, and track time-defined payment arrangements with the right software, taking care of customers’ demands throughout the journey and generating additional income.

Take Full Control with the Automated Revenue Management System

Automating your billing operations can help you take greater control of your revenue performance by optimizing your processes, streamlining communications, and increasing productivity. It’s more than just letting the software do all the work; it means reducing the chances of missed or duplicate payments, errors, and delays during billing. With automation, you can focus on your core business activities while ensuring that your billing operations run smoothly, efficiently, and with improved accuracy.

Billing and Revenue Management Automation is a wonderful opportunity-creating tool for smaller businesses and larger enterprises alike. Do you want to discover the benefits of this powerful combo – automated revenue management and end-to-end billing software – for your business? Reach out to our pros to get more information. 

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