“One of the major attractions of working with MaxBill is the variety in the day-to-day work. We always work on different project’s areas. I love this variety. Every area has different indications, different challenges and issues. We interact with people from several departments. And we all work at different speeds, with different approaches and different perspectives. It keeps me open-minded. And we keep learning from each other.”

Andrey Todurov

Project Director
Joined MaxBill April 2011

Andrey has led multiple projects in MaxBill, always dedicated himself fully both to the customer success and to performance and growth of his team.

He grew from support engineer in Commercial Bank branch to current position. Worked for Tax administration and Distributor of medicament, with MS Nav/AX and Oracle EBS, with warehouse processes and with bank transactions support.

Andrey’s working week at MaxBill: Monday is all about updating the teams with progress and expectations. During the middle of the week, he focuses on improving processes, as well as providing ad-hoc support to various teams. The end of the week is devoted to discussion of the projects statuses and solving any issues.

What is the true sense of your work?

  • Make projects done in time and under budget;
  • Think outside the box;
  • Make sure that people are raising their ideas and concerns;
  • Setting expectations for team which can be tricked to balance.

  • "International company with complex and very technological projects in several business domains where my professional growth is never stopped."
  • "I like the fact that there is a high degree of flexibility of working, with different places to work in an international environment, with many opportunities."
  • "Both times I joined MaxBill the same reasons prevailed. First I wanted the job offered. Second, I knew the people I would be working with and knew I would enjoy it. This has been a constant through more than 10 years. No matter what the day brings, I know I am in good, supportive, company."