“I enjoy working in a family company where we can reach together high tops and we can help each other to become more professional.”

Alina Bilodid

Senior Product Owner
Joined MaxBill March 2011

A devoted wife and mother, kind of person who puts her heart and soul into work, training and mentoring other colleagues with encouragement and focusing on strengths.

Alina’s fascinated by the exciting working with Gaming Vertical. She is always responsible and goal oriented, concentrated and driven and, at the same time, so supportive and friendly. Her role as a business analyst means that she works in a lot of different environments with a variety of different people & culture. In the same breath, Alina puts the priority on her family and enjoys spending time with her son. At work or at home, she’s focused on the people around her.

What is the true sense of your work?
Be a part of team who can provide solution which makes customer’s life easier and improves their business processes.

  • "Both times I joined MaxBill the same reasons prevailed. First I wanted the job offered. Second, I knew the people I would be working with and knew I would enjoy it. This has been a constant through more than 10 years. No matter what the day brings, I know I am in good, supportive, company."
  • "Possibility to run new projects with people whose engagement and professional awareness are at the highest level, possibility to interact with the diverse teams, bright and reassuring personalities at MaxBill."
  • "MaxBill provides a great possibility to communicate with people of diverse backgrounds and experiences, the company doesn’t limit me in work within one team, with one customer or one manager."